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Kingdom Kids 3 to 12s

Ignite is for primary and intermediate aged children. Using the TRUStory curriculum, children will discover who God is through the Big God Story. Each story connects with God's character to remind us who he is and our identity in God. 

TRUStory is not just a Sunday morning activity. It is a tool that incorporates the following essential elements:

    • Empowering Family as Primary. Children bring home a HomeFront Weekly sheet that introduces the following week's story. This can be found here if missed. Giving parents the opportunity to introduce the story first reinforces parents as the primary faith teachers of their children.
    • Scripture is Our Authority. The Bible is God's Word for daily living. It instructs, inspires and corrects so that each of us can know God's character and perfect will.
    • The Big God Story is God's story to establish relationship with us. It stretches from the beginning of creation to today and beyond, to when Jesus returns. Every new generation plays a part in God's incredible story.
    • God is Central. Every story revolves around the character of God and his love for all people. God is central to His Word, our lives and the Good News.
    • Holy Spirit Teaches. "Environments" give opportunity for the Holy Spirit to teach children, and parents. The 10 environments can be found here. They include: Storytelling, Identity, Serving and Modelling.
    • Community is the vehicle to great relationships. Building community takes time and effort and good community comes out of openness, trust and honesty. Children and parents are encouraged to meet in community and develop a life-long desire for deep relationships through community.